The Danish band Luster released their debut album ‘Luster’ on March 8th 2018. The album received a lot of praise and the Danish music site Undertoner recently named ‘Luster’ the second best Danish album of 2018. Before the album release Luster released several singles and the bands catchy alternative pop and dreamy ballads have caught the ears of bloggers and radios (namely BBC6 in UK and P6Beat Denmark). The Line of Best Fit that called the song ‘You’ve Got The Heat’ “brilliant and completely timeless”.

Following the release of the debut album Luster played festivals like Roskilde Festival, Avernax and SPOT Festival in 2018 and was featured in the Ja Ja Ja showcase in London UK in November 2018. Luster is right now working on their second album.

Luster plays energetic direct raw-pop with references to the 1970’s new wave scene reminiscent of bands like Devo and The Db’s while also taking inspiration from newer bands like LCD Soundsystem. Mostly Luster sounds like themselves though due to the unique vocals of front- man/singer/songwriter Jacob Haubjerg.





Lusters debut album was supported by KODA Kultur