// Big Data & Social Media Consulting //


// Big Data, Social Media and Music //

Crisis? What Crisis?

Digital Music consumption and social media interaction gives the music industry an insight into customers behaviour that was never possible in the physical age. We think these data insights are extremely valuable to anyone working in the music industry.

We never make an important business decision for any artist before consulting the relevant data first!

Valuable data insights come from Social Media and Music Streaming platforms. The data can be turned into new ideas about how to do marketing. This way the Data Insights -> Communication -> Data Insights become a helpful circle:


// Consulting & Teaching //

Artist Manager and Data Scientist Christian Taagehøj is teaching and giving speeches about ‘Big Data in Music’, ‘Music Streaming’, ‘Optimized usage of Social Media’, ‘Fundraising’ and has the following IT competences:

  • Gephi (experienced user)
  • Excel (experienced user)
  • Tableau (experienced user)
  • Powerpoint (experienced user)
  • Filemaker (experienced user)
  • E-conomic (experienced user)
  • Danløn (experienced user)
  • Photoshop (normal user)
  • ‘R’ (normal user)
  • Python (normal user)


Christian Taagehøj is a member of Copenhagen Management Consulting Club


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