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Collider are in California April 2018. Available for shows

Collider is a Danish rockband that plays ecstatic and dreamy guitar music. Their sound points to starry shoegaze and 90s slacker rock while their progressive shifts and a daring illogical approach places the band in their own fusion of genres. Based on paranormal, astral experiences and a chaotic lifestyle Collider’s universe is both expanding and enclosing like a travel between galaxies where they occasionally land on foreign planets.

Collider unites a frisky and noisy style of playing with boy/girl vocals that floats in front of soft dreamy melodies and growling outbursts. The band try to rethink how rock is played with fragmented collages of music. The interplay between the 4 band members are expressive but also sensitive – a devotion bordering self-sacrifice.

The band started in 2015 and quickly they isolated themselves in a small apartment in Copenhagen with yellow walls to challenge their understanding of music. The floating atoms of musical inspiration merged into the new musical organism that is Collider’s music.

In early summer 2018 Collider’s debut album “-><-" will be released on the influential Danish label ESCHO that was behind debuts of fellow Danish bands Liss (now XL Records), Iceage (now Matador records) and Lower (now Matador records). Collider's "-><-" is a collage of music captured and recorded at various cottages and summer houses all over Denmark.